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So I found out today that my brother has been telling everyone that I am 23 years old. Ummm I'm thinking not!!! I have a month left dammit!!! Don't take away my month *sob* when September 26 rolls around then he will have free reign. I am holding on to my youth with some seriously tight fists over here.

So I spent the majority of my afternoon hanging out at the Genius Bar located in the Apple Store. I needed a little help configuring my compu so I could upgrade my Operating System. I won't even mention that seeing that I have had this computer for over a year now that is probably one of things I should know how to do. Amongst others I swear I know nothing about this computer, He had to show how to work the stupid eject button. Whatev. So I had all of the hotties that worked at the store dying over my Jem (truly truly truly outrageous) wallpaper on my compu. They were like duuuuude. Ans I was like yeah dude totally. The manager of the store was singing the theme song and Pulling on his ear saying "Make me a rock star" lol I was dying. Then Shaq walked into the store with his gigantic ass, and I was like about my computer you cute apple store worker you. On a down note I need to buy a new charger for my laptop and they cost a whole 79 bucks. Ummmm last time I checked I was so not rich. That is what I get for trying to be cute and owning a MAC. Who am I kidding, I am sooooo cute heh heh heh. I think I will go back next week to buy a new charger. Gotta wait for payday. Whatev.
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